Indulge the one you love with the gold standard in cat cuisine


Ultimates Indulge mimics the natural diet of cats in the wild. High in natural lean animal protein, grain free and containing essential fats it provides a perfect meal, using the finest ingredients that guarantees the ultimate in health & taste.

放縱你至愛的貓兒 給牠們純金般的美食

Ultimates Indulge 的產品模仿野生貓科動物的天然飲食。含高天然動物瘦蛋白、無穀物和有用脂肪以提供完美的膳食,它使用最好的成分,確保健康和美味的最終品質。

Whitemeat Tuna with Red Bream & Chicken Breast
Tuna with Shredded
Chicken Breast & Prawns
Natural Chicken with Barramundi
Whitemeat Tuna with Fish Roe & Chicken Breast
Whitemeat Tuna with Chicken Liver
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