Ivory Coat Companion Goods is the result of an unwavering passion to produce quality products, inspired by the best that nature has to offer. Brought together the love of animals with decades of knowledge and experience from Australia’s finest Veterinarians, Animal Nutritionists, Chemists and Groomers, to develop the best holistic ranges of companion animal products which are natural and uniquely Australian.


The products only Australian made, natural, which are a better alternative to mass marketed commercial brands.

The standard is set to be in companion animal care and wellbeing with products you can truly trust and recommend.

Ivory Coat 以堅定不移的激情生產優質產品,靈感來自自然所提供的最好的結果。雲集澳洲最優秀的獸醫,動物營養學家,化學家,以幾十年混種動物的知識和經驗,共同開發動物的愛,開發最天然和獨特的澳洲整體系列伴侶動物產品。



Puppy Dry Dog Food
Turkey & Duck Adult Food
Reduced Fat/Senior Adult Dry
Lamb & Kangaroo Adult Food
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Chewy Peanut Butter Treats
Roast Lamb Treats
Duck Liver Treats
Succulent Duck Treats
Tender Kangaroo Treats
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Sensitive Shampoo
Sensitive Conditioner
Puppy Shampoo
Glossy Coat Shampoo
Hand Wash
Deodorising Fragrance
De-Tangle Spray
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