Gourmet Delight is Healthy natural real meat, Grain free, 100% Daily nutrition, Vet formulated

Gourmet Delight mimics the natural diet of cats in the wild, it contains only the best ingredients. No cheap grains or nasty by-products or fillers,  just the perfect balance of animal protein and fats to give your cat all the energy and nutrition they need naturally.

Gourmet Delight 的產品以健康天然真正肉類及無穀物製成,足夠100%由獸醫制定的每日營養。

Whitemeat Chicken, Red Bream & Tuna Liver
Tuna Flakes with Chicken Breast
Whitemeat Tuna & Cheese
Whitemeat Tuna, Shrimp & Calamari
BBQ Chicken with Red Bream & Tuna Roe
Whitemeat Tuna with Chicken Breast
Chciken with Sea Bass
Whitemeat Tuna & Crab
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