HappyPaws is a Hong Kong based major distributor for pet foods and pet related items. We are the First Hong Kong pet food's distributor who are honored with "Heart-to-heart" and "Caring Company" awards.


Our Visionary is to offer high-quality and reliable products for Pet owners to enhance their loved pets’ quality of life and anticipate their needs easily, resulting to create a relationship of Happy Together through Every Step of life.


To fulfill our brand concept and to convey it to a broader level, we also
- actively engage in communities we served
- foster a company culture that staff can learn, grow and take pride in
- grow in Hong Kong and capture opportunities in other part of Asia Pacific countries

We look forward to be "Happy Together Every Step" with everyone, every pet.

每一步 快樂一起走


HappyPaws 是一家全方位寵物食用品品牌管理者,主要從事批發業務。我們亦是首家榮獲「有心企業」及「商界展關懷」的香港寵物食用品批發商。




- 積極參與社區活動以回饋社會
- 建立學習文化,鼓勵員工積極進修,一同成長
- 立足香港、放眼亞洲

我們期待與所有人所有寵物, "每一步  快樂一起走"



HappyPaws International Limited

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