BRABANCONNE, a brand of pet food from Belgium, brings you a series of tailor-made formulas for various age groups and breeds of cats and dogs. All ingredients are greatly beneficial to health of pets.

All our food is made in Belgium and we use the highest quality European ingredients. Only simple and pure meat and fish is used in our food with no meat meals and by products. Every product is carefully tested to ensure no toxic substance or high level of mercury is present in accordance with EU standards.

來自比利時的 BRABANCONNE 為大家帶來一系列適合各年齡層及不同犬種貓種的寵物食品。




881 PROFESSIONAL DIET   881 專業系列


Veterinary input is present throughout the creation and development of our 881 Professional Diet. Specially formulated diets for cats and dogs can target certain conditions such as digestive problems and ageing. Different formulas could satisfy different needs of pets and their owners




BRABANCONNE offers a range of grain-free formulas for pets which may have developed allergies to commonly encountered grains. Many of our grain-free formulas use sweet potato as the main source of carbohydrates. Sweet potato is a highly digestible and novel ingredient, which increases interest in its cancer preventing properties. 

BRABANCONNE 亦已推出多款無穀物產品,適合對一般穀物敏感的寵物。無穀物系列的大部份產品以番薯作為碳水化合物的主要來源。番薯容易消化,更有助提升寵物防癌與抗癌的能力。

Puppy Small Breed Chicken
Puppy Large Breed Chicken
Adult Dog Small Breed Fish
Adult Dog Small Breed Chicken
Adult Dog Large Breed Fish
Adult Dog Large Breed Chicken
Senior Dog Small Breed Fish
Senior Dog Small Breed Chicken
Senior Dog Large Breed Fish
Adult Dog Large Breed Chicken
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Kitten Chicken
Adult Cat Fish
Adult Cat Chicken
Senior Cat Fish
Senior Cat Chicken
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Digestive Support for Dogs
Healthy Ageing for Dogs
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Digestive Support for Cats
Healthy Ageing for Cats
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