Alfa Pet is a brand dedicated to manufacturing and distributing a unique and comprehensive range of premium 100% natural pet food for your beloved pet friends.

Alfa Pet is a team of pet owners which believe your pets are unique friends to you. Only the most natural food should be fed to your special friends. And it is the firm belief that only the natural pet foods with best quality should be presented to valuable customers. So when you open a pack of Alfa Pet product, you can rest assured it is full of natural happiness.

Alfa Pet 是一個致力為您心愛寵物製造獨特和全面優質的 100% 天然寵物食品品牌。


Alfa Pet 的團隊大都來自寵物主人,他們相信你的寵物就是你的獨特朋友,只有最天然的食物才能餵給牠們; 堅信只有天然的寵物食品才能呈現給有價值的客戶。 所以當你打開每包 Alfa Pet 產品,便可感受到這種自然的幸福。

Turkey Liver
Calf Liver
Chicken Breast
Lamb Tripe
Lamb Meaty Cube
Veal Rib
Beef Meaty Cube
Beef Neck Tendon
Bull Chew
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Kangaroo Jerky
Venison Liver
Venison Meaty Cube
Venison Tendon
Venison Rib
Venison Shin Bone
Deer Antler 1 piece
Deer Antler 2 pieces
Deer Antler 3 pieces
Goat Leg 1piece
Goat Leg 2pieces
Wallaby Leg
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Shark Cartilage
Chewy Fin
Fish & Liver
Fish Skin Cube
Fish Tail
Salmon Fin
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